Gingerbread Aliens

Looking for a book for your 5 or 6 year old who is already an avid reader ready for independent reading and up to the challenge of a short chapter book? Searching for something to get your reluctant 8 or 9 year old to want to read? Perhaps your child is new to English and needs familiar everyday circumstances they can relate to in their search for meaning in words and stories? Then Gingerbread Aliens is for your child or student.

Gingerbread Aliens is full of fun, laughter and entertainment that will have them wanting to read on to the next chapter to see what could possibly happen next. Mums and Dads will enjoy reading a chapter or two at night to their young ones. Who in turn will happily snuggle down to listen to the story and laugh at the wonderful illustrations that bring the characters so brilliantly to life. The chapters are short and manageable, if read one an evening, the book would be read in a week. But if you can't put it down, you'll have it read in a night, maybe two!